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Finca Loranque, history, art and wine

Roman and the Lord of Loranque 'El Grande'

 Finca Loranque is one of the best-known lands in the province of Toledo. The landscape takes us back to the Roman period because the road known as “Vía XXV Augustobrigam-Caesarobrigam-Toletum” crosses over its land. At present, important excavations are being carried out to discover the earliest history of this important Roman road. In the Middle Ages, the importance of the Lordship of Loranque El Grande is expressed by the numerous inheritance deeds, where the transfer of land had a special strategic and patrimonial value. It was at this time when the Lord of Loranque El Grande acquired notable power in the area and the vines planted on his land were some of the most coveted to produce the wines for the court in Toledo.

The nobility plans a project ahead of its time

 At the end of the 18th century, the aristocratic family of the Counts of Armíldez of Toledo decided to build a winery in the French style, with the aim of producing quality wines. After searching intensively for land, they decided to build it in Finca Loranque, a place where there are documents that prove that vineyards existed in the 11th century. The project was so important that it was put in the hands of the most prestigious French architects, who designed a winery made of Mudéjar bricks with typical Toledo-style walls. The result was a building which blended in perfectly with the surrounding land. At that time, the whole building was used for farming tasks, in a land where olive trees and vineyards have been the protagonists for centuries.  

The Counts of Floridablanca and King Alfonso XIII

 Ever since the 18th century, when the Counts of Floridablanca acquired the land in 1865, the winery has produced wines made from the autochthonous Grenache variety of grapes, which are very well known and specially appreciated in Madrid. The wine was fermented in traditional earthenware jars measured in arrobas. At that time, the winery’s splendid architecture made it possible to make wine with a degree of temperature control. This was made possible thanks to the magnificent adobe walls nearly one metre thick and the perfect ventilation that was produced by the height and the direction where the building faced. On many occasions, King Alfonso XIII, who was a great friend of Jose Maria de Castillejo and Wall, Count of Floridablanca, enjoyed visiting the premises and drinking the wine produced by Finca Loranque, as well as taking advantage of the wealth of species on his hunting trips that were described in all the newspapers of the period.


A revival

 The descendants of Count Floridablanca were the owners of Finca Loranque until 1982, when the Díaz Bermejo family, who were astute businessmen and totally committed to the land, decided to purchase the estate with the aim of recovering the imprint of past centuries, picking up the tradition of elaborating wine with its own personality and implementing high quality services related to oenotourism. It was a considerable challenge: they needed to recover a long viticultural tradition, marketing unique wines of exceptional quality. To do so with a guarantee of success, their best bet was to count on a person with some of the best oenological experience in Spain, Pablo Eguzkiza, from the Compañía de Vinos Telmo Rodriguez: one of the leading wine companies found on the market today, which works with the real aim of promoting wines with their own personalities.

Loranque farm, a name full of quality and personality

 After spending many years preparing the vineyard and carrying out different tests, in 2002 the first vintage appeared, which sums up the basic characteristics of Finca Loranque’s philosophy: a commitment to the distinguishing characteristics of the terroir, the unmistakable oenological stamp made by a winemaking team of proven solvency, and the constant search for quality in all processes. Judging by the praise from specialised critics, who place the wines produced by Finca Loranque in privileged places in their rankings and ratings, the goal has been achieved. Finca Loranque produces different wines, each one with its own great personality and the unique character of a land with centuries of winemaking tradition. In short, one of the best exponents of the new Spanish wines.