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El popular chef Eric Ripert visita Finca Loranque

Wednesday, 22 March, 2023

50 Best Explores returns with Eric Ripert packing his bags for gastronomic hotspot Castilla-La Mancha

Wineries, windmills and award-winning workshops: culinary travel series 50 Best Explores is back with a trio of tours around the historic Spanish region of Castilla-La Mancha. Starting this spring, 50 Best and three world-renowned chefs will set off on a series of mouth-watering tours around the locality lauded for its rich culture and history

As part of The World's 50 Best Restaurants 50 Best Explorer proposal, successful French chef Eric Ripert has embarked on a gastronomic journey in Castilla-La Mancha.

Ripert is known for his culinary career in the United States, where he is a television celebrity and chef at Le Bernadin. In his restaurant, located in New York and famous for its seafood proposal, the chef has achieved three Michelin stars and ranked 44 in The 50 Best 2022.

And on this trip through Toledo, Ripert and the team have toured Finca Loranque and enjoyed a wine experience and meeting at Bodega Loranque. "Finca Loranque is one of the best-known lands in the province of Toledo. The landscape takes us back to the Roman period because the road known as "Via XXV Augustobrigam-Caesarobrigam-Toletum" crosses over its land. Judging by the praise from specialized critics, who place the wines produced by Finca Loranque in privileged places in their rankings and ratings, the goal has been achieved", write in the travel guide.

During the visit, in addition to showing the popular chef the bicentennial cellar and the wine aging room, the tasting room was one of the most successful proposals. In a relaxed atmosphere, Ripert became interested in the winery's commitment to moonvarietals and was fascinated by the personality of the wines.

It has been a great pleasure and an honor to enjoy the knowledge and kindness of Eric Ripert on this journey, accompanied by a team of journalists (led by Devorah Lev-Tov, from the New York Times). Thanks to the Junta de Castilla-La Mancha and 'Culinary Root' that have made this wonderful meeting possible.