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Gold Medal in Millésime Bio Challenge

Loranque Syrah 2014 has achieved the GOLD MEDAL in the prestigious Challenge of Millésime Bio

Tuesday, 5 September, 2017

Gold Medal in Millésime Bio Challenge

Loranque Syrah 2014 has achieved the GOLD MEDAL in the prestigious Challenge of Millésime Bio, a contest associated to one of the most important ecological wine fairs in the world and that every year gathers more than 1200 samples from every corner of the world.

This award is a recognition to the quality of the wine and to the effort that after three long years has lead us to get the ecological seal in all the wines from Finca Loranque.

This medal has a great merit having into account that Syrah is one of the most extended varieties in France and furthermore the judge was composed of member of the French Oenologist Union, sommeliers, oenologists and journalists. Another peculiarity of the classification system is that the samples are presented anonymously and the tasting is blind.




From the vintage 2014 all the wines made in Finca Loranque  has achieved the european Certification as“Organic product” which means that follow the strict criterias stablished by the Euopean Union. This certificate allows to differentiate the wine and guarantee that the final product has been produce under a process contamination free.

Nowadays organic, ecological or biological wine refers to that wine elaborated of grapes ecologically cultivated by using the agricultural techniques established by the European Regulation 2092/91. These methods allows to get high quality grapes respecting the environment and preserving the fertility of the growing soil by making an optimum use of the natural resources, without  any chemical product. In this way we avoid undesirable wastes in the wine and therefore obtain a higher quality and healthier product.




Loranque Syrah is the result of a bet to get a modern wine, with soft tannins, round and voluptuous. A wine very successful in the gastronomy due to its easy and wide pairing. Its magnificent balance between quality and price has leaded it to take up the first places in the professional tastings.

This wine gathers the best properties of the Syrah variety and shows its perfect adaptation to Finca Loranque terroir. Its elaboration is meticulously cared during the whole process starting by the manual harvest, always done in the optimum maturation point until the transport to the cellar in small boxes and the second selection in the table, before entering the controlled temperature steel tanks.

·       Composed of Syrah 100%

·       Aged for 14 months in French, American and Hungarian barrels.

·       Vino de la Tierra de Castilla

·       Serving temperatura: between 14ºC and 16º.