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TVE con Finca Loranque

23, diciembre | Cuéntame cómo pasó | 26 Comentarios
TVE con Finca Loranque

Con motivo de la grabación de la nueva temporada de Cuentamé cómo pasó, un equipo de los informativos de TVE se desplazó a nuestras instalaciones. Puedes verlo a partir del minuto 22:15.


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            href="http://www.rtve.es/alacarta/videos/noticias-de-castilla-la-mancha/clm-20151222142413ok/3419019/">Noticias de Castilla-La Mancha - 22/12/15




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Finca Loranque - 12/11/2023 23:32


12, november | Comments: 0

To receive digital TV you need your own Polsat Box antenna, the exception is a multi-family block of flats where a community antenna has been installed, in which case it is not necessary to install a satellite dish and we can connect the Polsat Box digital decoder to an antenna socket in the wall. However, the signal will not always be immediately available, as we need to connect the cables in the telecommunications switchboard located in the common area of the multi-family block. We should report the lack of a signal to the building administrator, who cannot charge any fees for this service, because according to Polish law the developer is obliged to install collective satellite dishes in the price of the apartment. This provision applies only to newly built developments, buying an apartment on the secondary market we may be obliged to make the antenna installation ourselves.

In such a large city as Warsaw, we have a dozen or so Polsat showrooms where we can order the service of installing a satellite dish and connecting a digital decoder to a TV or multimedia projector. The stores have their own installers or cooperate with external companies, it should be remembered that the operator is not responsible for defects resulting from incorrect installation, try to choose specialists with extensive experience and who have their own tools and meters for setting antennas.

Returning to the topic of community antenna, it should be noted that we will not have the opportunity to take full advantage of the recording function of the hard disk decoder, because we can only connect one cable to the antenna outlet and two are required. We will use all the options and possibilities only by using our own satellite dish and unicable or twin converter, or we can connect at our own expense, with the approval of the administration, a special pass-through switch, which will send us several signals to the apartment using a single coaxial cable.

Authorized installers serve the Mazowieckie province and especially the following towns: Raszyn, Babice, Wolomin, Piaseczno, Piastow, Marki, Legionowo, Minsk Mazowiecki, Pruszkow, Warsaw, Ozarow Mazowiecki, Brwinow, Podkowa Lesna, Blonie, Lomianki, Komorów, Ploshocin, Konstancin, Zielonka, Sulejowek, Otwock, Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Sochaczew