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Finca Loranque - 12/11/2023 22:11


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Let's start with a comparison of the popular decoders in the Polsat and Canal+ offerings, why is Premiumbox+ better than the Evobox decoder?

  • - has the ability to expand memory up to 1TB by connecting its own drive
  • - offers access to a much wider range of content available as part of the package as nc+go TV
  • - has the ability to display the EPG in as many as three graphical versions (Polsat Evobox has two)
  • - has the ability to control the decoder and TV with the decoder remote control
  • - if you use the multi-room service, Cyfrowy Polsat's antenna set will support only the master decoder and two slave decoders, for another decoder a second antenna will be required or replacement of the converter for a very expensive one
  • - in order to get more functionality on the Polsat Evobox decoder, it is required to change the converter to UNICABLE (at a cost of about PLN 250) - without this antenna modification the Subscriber gets nothing more than on Premiumbox+ (on the UNICABLE converter there is no possibility to use other satellite than HotBird)

Netflix in the Canal+ television offer

Netflix is available on 4K DualBOX+, 4K UltraBOX+ and Wifi PremiumBOX+ set-top boxes. Use of the application requires an Internet connection.Of course, Netflix is also available on browsers, tablets, smartphones and many other Internet-connected devices. Using Netflix on the set-top box is as easy as on other devices.

  • - Just connect the decoder to the Internet and any monitor/device that supports HDMI.
  • - Additional third streaming on CANAL+ online service,
  • - Identical service as in CANAL+ online applications.
  • - Support for all key functionalities of the CANAL+ online service.
  • - Ability to watch DVB-T2 Digital Terrestrial Television channels (after
    connecting a DVB-T antenna), so channels that are not in CANAL+'s online offer such as TVP 1, TVP 2.
  • - Access to CANAL+'s PREMIERE app with hundreds of hit films for rent.
  • - Access to Netflix application
  • - Access to Google services and the Google Play store, along with the ability to install any apps, without having to pay for CANAL+ online service.
  • - Built-in Chromecast (ability to stream video from phone to any TV connected to CANAL+ BOX.
  • - Minimalist and elegant bluetooth remote control with microphone and voice commands.
  • - 4K resolution support with HDR.
  • - Small size


If the decoder is found to be defective, it must be replaced by a consultant at a Canal+ showroom. The above applies to devices purchased at any Canal+ Retailer and/or through the Canal+ website. Decoders purchased in both postpaid and prepaid offers are subject to exchange.

If the subscriber purchased the device in a store other than an authorized Canal + store (Media Markt, Euro RTV, etc.), the exchange is possible in 2 ways:

- using the warranty. In this case, please register a request through the site of the authorized Canal+ service where the customer also has the opportunity to order a courier who will take the decoder to the service free of charge.

- Taking advantage of the warranty. In this case, the customer should contact the seller directly at the store where the equipment was purchased.


The decoders are available on the CANAL+ online service as a "FULL CANAL+ BOX set" in two variants with and without commitment. Satellite TV subscribers can log on to the CANAL+ BOX decoder (however, only one stream will be available to them, in order to have access to 3 streams and the FULL set on the decoder, you need to log in with an OTT account).Simply connect CANAL+ BOX 4K ULTRA HD to the Internet to watch exciting sports and the best films and series live or on demand, available on the CANAL+ online service. CANAL+ BOX is equipped with the Android TV operating system. Therefore, you can use on it any application available in the Google Play store for Android TV devices. The built-in Chromecast will allow you to stream video from your phone to the TV screen.

Connecting a Canal+ decoder to the Internet

The digital decoder can be connected to the Internet, which will give us access to programs, movies and series available, among others, in the Canal+ Online service. The process of connecting the decoder itself is extremely simple, just connect the Ethernet cable of your home network (LAN) and it will configure the connection itself.

Direct connection - in 3 steps connect the decoder:

Step 1: Plug an Ethernet cable with Internet access into the decoder.
Step 2: The decoder will automatically set up an Internet connection for itself.
Step 3: After setting up such a connection, just press the blue button on the decoder remote control and the Canal+ Online service is already available to the user

Connection using a switch/router:

Step 1: Plug an Ethernet cable with Internet access into the switch/router
Step 2: Connect the decoder to the switch/router. Nowadays, almost all switches/routers on the market have a built-in DHCP server (automatic IP address assignment)
Step 3: The decoder will automatically set up an Internet connection for itself.
Step 4: After setting up such a connection, just press the blue button on the decoder remote control and the Canal+ Online service is already available to the user

Connection using HomePlug (PLC) adapters:

If the customer does not have access to a router or WiFi module and does not have the ability to directly connect the decoder to the Internet, he can use HomePlug adapters.

The connection itself is as follows:

Step 1: Connect the decoder with an Ethernet cable to one of the adapters, and plug the adapter into an electrical outlet
Step 2:In the room where there is a switch/router or Ethernet cable with Internet access, plug in the second adapter from the kit
Step 3: Connect it to a signal splitting device or directly to the Internet
Step 4: After setting up such a connection, all you have to do is press the blue button on the decoder remote control, and the Canal+ Online service is already available to you.


However, if the connection would fail perform:

After connecting the cable connecting the decoder to the router, change the default configuration " NO NETWORK ACCESS" in the menu tab "INSTALLATION / NETWORK SETTINGS".
In typical home networks, it is best to select "AUTOMATIC CONFIGURATION." Once approved, the decoder will perform the necessary tests and provide a report at the end.
In networks where the DHCP server does not work, use the "MANUAL CONFIGURATION" option and use the remote control to enter the necessary IP address data. Information about the network can be read from the computers operating in it (the IP address must be unique for each device, and the other data must match).