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Cultural Activities

02, September | 1 Comments
Cultural Activities

Exhibition Leonardo Da Vinci, the inventor

Until the end of 2012

La Posada de la Hermandad hosts the exhibition of the inventor Leonardo Da Vinci.

The extraordinary designs of Leonardo da Vinciplasmó machines in their notebooks are embodied in this exposición.La Leonardo observation skills, his curious spirit ypráctico, his continuous experimentation, originality ... are traits that make up a fascinating personality, that of a man who knew ahead of time.

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Many people wonder whether to choose Internet TV or satellite TV, in our opinion the second option is a better solution, we can use the offer of Polsat or Canal+. In either case, we are obliged to install a satellite dish and connect to it a digital decoder with a subscriber card. We can try on our own if we feel up to the task and have technical experience and tools such as socket wrenches and an impact drill. Living in such a large city as Warsaw, we will have no problem buying all the necessary elements for installing a Polsat Box antenna, we have several wholesalers here and more than a dozen DIY stores offering mounting systems for satellite dishes.

When we do not feel up to the task we can use the operator's technical service, there are installers with extensive experience in their field, they will have no problems with the installation of the antenna even in a very inaccessible place such as a steep roof or high wall. In addition, we will receive a guarantee for the service performed which will give us confidence that it is done professionally and we will not lose the image on the TV screen after a few weeks.

Sometimes two visits by the installer will be needed, first to see the planned installation site and check whether a satellite signal will be available there, we can then determine which way we will run coaxial cables to the decoders and whether we want to install an additional terrestrial antenna to receive free digital TV. This will give us the opportunity to receive more than twenty channels completely free of charge and on any number of televisions in the house, and we will not be dependent on the weather, as everyone may not know but satellite does not work during heavy snow or rain.

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