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Our greatest aspiration is to have friends

02, September | 1 Comments
Our greatest aspiration is to have friends

Our determination to produce high quality wines with their own personality has awarded us with very many loyal customers and friends. The warmth and kindness displayed by everyone has encouraged us to create FINCA LORANQUE’S FRIENDSHIP CLUB, with the aim of establishing a direct link between the Winery and everyone who wants to feel close to our activity.

We invite you to form part of our Friendship Club. To become registered as a member and to enjoy all the benefits, you only need to fill in the details below. 

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Finca Loranque - 17/11/2023 00:08


17, november | Rating 4.8 out of 99 votes

It seems that installing a satellite dish on a balcony in a block of flats is the easiest and fastest option and requires less work than mounting to a chimney on the roof. Yes, provided that you can see directly to the south and the TV is in the room next to the balcony, but what if all our equipment is on the other side of the apartment ?

It is possible to run coaxial cable throughout the apartment by attaching it to the wall or to the floor trim. We have to reckon with the fact that the family will not be happy with the cables in plain sight and those who have a dog or cat have to reckon with the fact that the pet may damage such an unprotected cable near the floor. A much better solution is to use antenna outlets prepared for connecting a community antenna or cable.

All the cables from the outlets come together in one place and this is usually a plastic box in the hallway, sometimes you can also find cable terminations in the teletechnical cabinet in the stairwell, so we need to arrange the keys in advance with the building administration. In the room where the balcony is located, we connect the output of the satellite dish converter with the cable coming out of the box using two plugs and a special double-sided threaded connector popularly known as a "barrel". We connect the decoder in the other room in the same way with the cable protruding from the box, then go to the place where all the cables from the apartment are brought and connect the cable from the antenna with the cable from the decoder with the previously mentioned "barrel".

If we have made all the connections correctly and set up our satellite dish accurately, the signal indicator on the TV should show signal strength and quality of no less than 70%-80%, when the indications are lower we check the quality of the connections, there may also be information about a short circuit, that is, somewhere the thin wires that make up the braid of the screen touch the central wire supplying power from the decoder to the LNB.

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