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Food-Wine paired

 Wine can be twice as enjoyable with a correct pairing

We practically always consume wine whilst we are eating meals and typical dishes. This is when we refer to ‘food and wine pairing’. This provides us with two clear ideas: firstly, wine and food go well together and secondly, there are millions and millions of possible combinations amongst which to choose. As can be expected, some of the combinations are magnificent, others not so good and many others will not beappropriate at all.

In order to demonstrate the importance of wine and food pairing, we suggest gastronomic experiences that dismiss many myths and prejudices in regard to winetasting. In Spanish, the word ‘maridar’ (meaning to marry) says it all. It is to combine and marry some things with others until we obtain an excellent mix. This is where the importance resides.  

Chocolate, cheese, fruit, creams... We want to help you discover the importance of selecting the appropriate wine for each meal, for each dish. In an enjoyable sensorial experience we aim to help you discover that above all our recommendations, your taste and habits have the last word.


  • Basic rules for wine-tasting.
  • The best wine for each flavour.
  • The distinction of aromas, tastes and hints.
  • International chart of wines and dishes.
  •  Reservation in advance is essential.
  • For groups of at least 6 people.
  • Length: 60 approx.

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