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Oenologists a day

An attractive oenological experience that enables guests to create a unique wine

After drinking a certain wine, haven’t you ever thought that there was a lack of wood, or there was too much; that you would like to add some fruit, or if the wine was blended with another variety its final result would improve? Well, now you have the chance to demonstrate your sensibility creating a unique wine and becoming an ‘oenologist for a day’?

In order to be able to carry out this proposal, the winery disposes of three single-variety wines and all the tools you need to blend them, depending on the preferences of each group.

To make the activity more enjoyable, the day has been designed with a competitive counterpoint. In this way, ‘Oenologists for a day’ is an activity to be carried out in groups and entails making decisions agreed upon by consensus and demonstrate skills of perception and tasting. At the end of the day, each group of ‘oenologists’ will take the final decision before presenting their respective wine to compete with the other groups.

Only the ‘perfect coupage’ will be the winner and the best ‘oenologists’ will be given a souvenir bottle with the winning blend and percentages, with a label that has been especially designed for the wine. A unique souvenir of an enjoyable, enriching and different activity.

  • Visiting days: Monday to Saturday.
  • It is necessary to make a previous appointment.
  • For groups of at least 8 people.
  • Length: 120 minutes approx.
  • Includes a visit to the winery.


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